2023 – CRCLR Haus

Die historische Fassladehalle der ehemaligen Kindl-Brauerei wird als nachhaltiger Wohn- und Gewerbestandort umgenutzt und erwe

2021 – Projekt ALLTAG

Nach einer zweijährigen Bauphase, konnte die Nutzung des Gebäudes im Dezember 2021 aufgenommen werden. Die von den Nutzer:in

2016 – Winzerpark Allschwil

New built assisted living, conservation and re-model of historical Villa including gastronomy + wellness facilitiesProject arc

2015 – Bayer Open-Space Offices

Competition to create open office-spaces in an existing structure. 2nd prizeProject architect at Wirth+Wirth Architekten / Are

2015 – Gymnasium Kirschgarten

complete renewal of a secondary school in Basel CH, including energy improvements, earth reinforcements, fire protection, acou

2014 – Staff Cafeteria

Implementation of a corporate cafeteria / kitchen in an existing office-structure.Project architect / cost-/ construction mana

2014 – Weinbergstrasse

Construction of highest standard residential propertiesProject architect at Wirth+Wirth ArchitektenArea: 2000 m2 / Clients: Pr

2013 – C.I.A SUD Infissi

Corporate ID for C.I.A. SUD Infissi, Naples

2013 – Parametric Studies

Studies of parametric design / lighting

2013 – Casa Zecchini

Furniture design + realization for A. Zecchini, San Giorgio a Cremano, NA

2013 – Parametric Deckchair

Competition entry for “Carbon Fiber Design Contest 2013”. Designed with Para 3D script

2013 – Firmitas Utilitas Venustas

Wikiarchitettura 2.0 competition, 1.PrizePiazza S. Anna di Palazzo, Quartieri Spagnoli, NapoliCompetition to redesign a piazze

2012 – Furniture

Furniture / interior design and realizationA. Alewa in collaboration with Officina del legno, Arch. Luigi Mazza, Bagnoli, Napl

2012 – [AC-CA] New Contemporary Art Museum

Competition entry for [AC-CA] International Architectural Competition [04]located at the Puerto Madero Waterfront, Buenos Aire

2012 – Sala polifunzionale Agerola

Project Architect / cost- / construction management of a multi-purpose center for the municipality of Agerola, NAwith Arch. An

2010 – Interiors

Internal renovations in Naples area with Arch. Andrea Florio.Ceramics used are handmade maiolica tiles of Cava de` Tirreni, Sa

2009 – La casa leggera

Competition “Ernesto Lusana” to design low energy housing complex (Mentioned Project).Concept + visualization A. A

2009 – La città dei bambini

Requalification of ex hemp factory area, Frattamaggiore, NAin collaboration with Pica Ciamarra Associati, Gnosis Architettura,

2009 – Waterfront Zurich

Competition entry and 1. Prize for Le Carré Bleu, edition 2008Concept + visualization A. Alewa in collaboration with Raum 404

2009 – ex Campo Sportivo Palma Campania

Competition entry for the urban regeneration of Palma Campania

2008 – Bodegas Terras

Competition entry for Bodegas Terras Poster Design Competition, 2008

2008 – Treehouseofhorror

Some fun zooming into digital trees

2008 – Hellasod

Landscape design suggests the lowest possible intervention to the environment of meadow and sod cultivation.Morphology forms a

2008 – Ergobox Chalkida

Corporate ID and interior design for Ergobox hardware store, ChalkidaConcept, visualization + realization A. Alewa in collabor

2008 – Rheinparkbrücke Duisburg

Master’s Degree Thesis at University of Applied Sciences, Bochum

2007 – Blaetterwald

Installation on the hills of Nancy, FR by Maël Veisse

2007 – Sparkasse Oberhausen

Consruction management internship at Sauerbruch Hutton, Berlin. Building handover 2012

2007 – Villa Maastricht

Major design project at University of Applied Sciences, Bochum

2006 – Windowtoolkit

Print your own greek-village window for your home/city!

2006 – N&M Logo Competition

Logo design Competition Neumann&Müller Veranstaltungstechnik, 2nd PrizeWie weit kann ein Symbol aufgelöst werden, bis es

2006 – ADAC Headquarters Munich

Internship at Sauerbruch Hutton, Berlin. Building handover 2012

2005 – Analogue photography

2004 – 2009

2005 – Concerthaal Maastricht

Major design project at University of Applied Sciences, Bochum

2004 – More analogue photography

2004 – 2009

2004 – Architectural Visualizations

2004 – 2014

2004 – Watchtower Heimliche Liebe

Student competition for the design of a watchtower in Essen-Bredeney, GER. 2nd prize